About us

The idea for OCTE germinated in 2002, when technological education teachers were part of many different industry-specific groups to support their classroom teaching.

Computer screen and other pieces of electronic technology

The first OCTE conference was held in 2004 and each year it has gotten better and better. OCTE fills a need for professional advocacy for safety and excellence in technological education.

our mission

Ontario Council for Technology Education is a Provincial organization that represents, supports and advocates for Technological Education, Teachers and Students to ensure that the needs of the local, national and global communities are reflected.

what we do

Every year at our AGM, we present amazing teaching resources that have been created for members, provide professional learning opportunities through targeted seminars, and solicit feedback from educators about where advocacy is needed at the board and government levels. Then our committees determine how we can provide useful solutions for our members.

In addition to the networking opportunities provided at conferences and the AGM, OCTE integrates online interaction and group meet-ups to provide service and support to members through this website and our growing social media presence.

Our executive are volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to supporting their colleagues in striving for student success and excellence in teaching. If you are interested in joining an OCTE committees, please contact the chair to learn more.

Whether you are a student teacher seeking mentorship, an experienced tech educator looking for innovative lesson plans, an administrator ensuring safe practices, or an industry professional wondering what is being taught to our future technological leaders, your learning starts with OCTE.