What does Technology Education in Elementary Schools look like: FUN!

Elementary Technology Education

It’s a hands-on approach that fosters creativity and allows students to create models or new devices following the design process to apply their acquired knowledge and to further explore concepts.

Some equipment used in Elementary Schools are:

Construction Technology
Hand tools - hack saw, hand drill, glue gun, easy cutters
Power tools - scroll saw, belt sanders, drill press, powered hand drill

Communications Technology
iPads - with a variety of apps for green screen, video recording and video editing

Green Industries/Transportation Technology
Solar panels - powering little cars

Visit Your High School

In grade 8, you will visit your High School. Be sure to see what cool projects are happening in the Tech classes. Sometimes the High Schools will plan projects for you to do when you visit to get the full experience! Watch the videos made in Grade 9 tech.

Sometimes High School Technology Education Departments hold grade 7 and 8 Tech nights, in the evening outside of the usual school hours. These tech nights give students the chance to see the labs in action, and to build/make/create something in those shops. Check your High Schools website OR contact the Tech department head (their email will also be on your High Schools website) to ask!

High School Courses

In High School, students will have an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject areas they have already had some exposure to, and of course, the other technology education courses. The fun continues, the problem solving gets more challenging and the use of equipment that you would find in those Industries increases.

The pathway to Tech Education starts in grade 9, where you have the opportunity to choose Exploring Technologies (course code TIJ1O1.) In this course you will rotate through a number of the tech courses offered at your High School.


This is a great chance to try out a number of different skilled trades and make an informed decision about the courses that interest you and that you may want to pursue as a full credit course in grade 10.

There are 10 Technology Education courses (not every school offers all, so check your potential High Schools website for courses offered.) They are often referred to as the 10 BBT’s (broad based technology.)

There is a technology education course for everyone!

See descriptions of courses when you click on the posters below.

Communications Poster
Health care poster
Construction poster
Green Industries poster
Hairstyling poster
Hospitality poster
Manufacturing poster
Technology poster
Transportation Poster
Computer Poster
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Which Tech Course Is For Me?

So, are you wondering what tech course you’re best
suited for? Is it Manufacturing or Hairstyling
and Aesthetics? Find out using the quiz below which of
the 10 Tech Areas are for you.

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