"Tech Education programs in our High Schools are vital in helping our students develop

21st century skills. If you leave these programs on the side burner in your school, you're

missing a big opportunity for your students and the rest of the staff in your School to fully

support kids."

Excerpt from Kevin Caughlin

Kevin represents the Ontario Principals Council on the Ontario Council for Technology Education executive.

Kevin Caughlin and Brent Coakwell's webinar: Leading your Technology Education Program

Points of interest:

3:47-Tech Ed historically

6:20-Tech Ed ties to Math and Science

7:46-What Tech Ed brings to teachers

10:59-Biggest misconceptions

13:00-Build and support partnerships that support the School community

16:42-Break the barriers!

18:08-Ministry connections

21:12-Paradigm shift

22:19-Where do we go from here?